Montag, November 09, 2009

AIAS Prize of Honour 2009

AIAS Association of Independent Art Schools,

Names and professions of the jury.
Daisuke Nakagome, Vice Director, Toyo Institute of Art & Design, Tokyo, Japan
Lorraine Kypiotis, Undergraduate Co-ordinator, National Art School, Sydney, Australia

General Impression of the exhibition
All works were of an extremely high standard and many different mediums were represented. Art works displayed were thought-provoking, technically proficient and analytically profound.

Two honourable mentions
Kirsten Wilmink – So, so witty! A parody of cultural stereotyping and technically brilliant.
Justyna Drozd – Fabulous concept of space referencing classical order and refined workmanship.

AIAS Prize of Honour Winner 2009

Laura Culham, University College Falmouth

Laura’s work “Untitled (Net Curtain)” references the art world on so many levels. It is a work on paper, yet a three-dimensional object; it refers to the gendering of artwork and the dichotomy between craft and the fine arts. It is a utilitarian object raised to the level of high art: such a simple idea but complex in its conception and production. It is, at the same time, traditional but very contemporary. A pure work – simplicity epitomised. Like all good art, its message is embedded not only within its pleasing aesthetic qualities but also in the associations and meanings inherent in the underlying ideology.